Writing tips

My top five writing tips


Here are my top five writing tips that I have picked up along the way, hope they help you.

  1. Perhaps the most important, don’t compare yourself to others. Every published writer I know has had a different journey to publication. So it’s pointless to compare yourself to others. As well as being pointless, it also creates angst and anxiety which are not good for creativity.

  2. Read lots. Particularly in the genre you are writing in. I have been known to sneak into bookstores during my lunch break and binge-read the latest picture books!

  3. Join a writers group. It’s nerve-wracking to start showing your work to others, but feedback really helps. Just do it and don’t think about it too much. These people, if they’re nice, will become your support network, your friends, and plus ones at writing events.

  4. Learn to become a good story teller. I think I’ve always been a good writer, but writing stories is something I’ve had to learn. Attend workshops, courses and conferences. Read books on writing stories. Get feedback on your work.

  5. Have fun. Write what makes you happy. And share your stories with your loved ones. They’ll enjoy it.


Good books on writing


  • The Story Grid: What good editors know by Shawn Coyne

  • Story by Robert McKee

  • Bird by Bird: Some instructions on writing and life by Anne Lamott

  • On Writing by Steven King



Links to useful things


Queensland Writers Centre (or google your State’s Writers Centre)

Australian Society of Authors

CYA Conference

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